Dailey verges on co-Coach
by JBB1985 (2018-02-13 01:02:42)

In reply to: Thoughts on 2018 women's BB HOF  posted by SixShutouts66

It has long been reported that Chris Dailey was an invaluable and nearly co-coach to Auriemma, who has been effusive about her contributions over the decades. Additionally, ESPN Magazine several years ago ranked all the Associate Coaches of both genders across all sports. Dailey finished, in their estimation and research, as #2 in all sports and all genders to I believe it was a male associate coach in swimming. They did state that Dailey was excellent in recruiting, which last time I looked in the last 35 years is a critical component in WCBB. A nearly co-coach in WCBB (or MCBB) is nowhere near a hitting coach in baseball, a thoroughly subordinate role. You can read the articles for the next few weeks. Doubt you will find a single informed observer or veteran with a problem over this.

I am not as aware of DeMoss' tenure, long and immensely successful, at Tenn, but her contributions seem comparably considerable.