Thx for Excellent Summary. Some Reactions....
by dillon77 (2018-02-13 07:52:28)

In reply to: Muffet's Radio Show  posted by McLean_ND

- Not surprised that she was complimentary of Marina and Jackie for that matter. Those two might have to pay residency taxes for all the time they spend on-court.

- MJ killing rehab? Interesting. Last report we got was that she/ND was not sure of her intentions next year (not that one leads to another). If MJ does come back, it's depth upon depth.

- Koko's breakthough has been absolutely essential to the team's success. And from what I understand, couldn't happen to a nicer person.

- Kat's next missed field goal attempt is scheduled for late March. :-)

- So Muffet basically did a there and back to the left coast to see Haley Jones. Tells us everything about the Irish level of interest. Now let's hop we can see Ms. Jones on a plane to South Bend for an official visit.

- UVA has a lot of returnees. Not a great shooting team, but tough. Hope the zone throws them off.

- Bri is an interesting presence on twitter. If she can translate that to the airwaves, it could be interesting to hear her on radio/tv.