Former Players Praise CD...
by dillon77 (2018-02-13 08:00:47)

In reply to: Dailey verges on co-Coach  posted by JBB1985

...for virtually everything. She can be the "bad cop" in regards to making sure drills are right and tight...or else. (Sue Bird says she still looks over her shoulder when working out at Storrs, expecting Daily to critique her on something.)

And she is the "tough mom" for the young woman, on everything from dress code to make-up and demeanor. Rebecca Lobo swore Daily was responsible for her proper posture.

She is also a calming presence to Geno A. on the sidelines.

Check on recruiting...I've seen her at many a NJ high school game, still playing up her Rutgers connections.

And all these former players still call her...she's made a lasting mark.

They're a team and it's expected that when Geno goes, so will CD.

Expect a similar scenario with Muffet and Coach Owens.