She's Listed As a Wing...but 28 Rebounds!
by dillon77 (2018-02-14 08:12:05)

In reply to: Ha, ha…following in her sister's footsteps.  posted by BabaGhanouj

Sounds like she's spending some time in the paint. (the black eye is another hint, says an old power forward).

Have not really heard much about interest between Maddie/Notre Dame, although one could hope the picture of her wearing an ND shirt says a thousand words.

If there is an interest, perhaps it's not that imperative to move on it until after the Class of 2019 is procured. Same could be said about her from a positional standpoint: if she is a wing or a high post (like Kat), MM and Niele might be seeing how 2019 goes with Jones, Brunelle, Beal, Miller, etc. before seeing "what comes next?"

Still, if she plays like Kat in any way, shape or form....

p.s. Trivia/general interest: I had totally forgotten the town of Kettering was named after they gentleman who founded Delco and -- perhaps most importantly -- the electric starter in cars. Thanks for directing me to the Kettering web site!