You Won't See Me Arguing For Against Considering...
by dillon77 (2018-02-14 10:56:11)
Edited on 2018-02-14 10:58:40

In reply to: I think it would be prudent to add one more to her normal #  posted by NDoggie78

...adding one more player to a roster. Given the injuries, transfers and gosh-knows-what has hit the squad does not seem like roster inflation to me.

And a player like Maddy -- who could probably play both a high post and large wing -- could offer utility.

Having said that, I can see why MM likes her 12-person roster...the right and tight squad is easier to manage and might protect against the "play me or lose" me mentality. But when the things hit that have slammed the Irish recently, an insurance/plan B policy might be worth exploring.