2024-25 Recruiting Report: As of May 30, 2023
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Late Spring Greetings, Benchers:

Welcome to the May edition of the 2024-25 ND Women’s Basketball Recruiting Update, which concentrates on the Irish class that will suit up in Fall 2024.


From April 4 through July 31st, NCAA WBB is largely in a Quiet Period.
A quiet period is "that period of time when it is permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts only on the member institution's campus. No in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts or evaluations made be made during the quiet period."

Official Visits (OV's) for the current junior HS class (which graduates in Spring 2024) can begin the week following the NCAA Championship Game. April is when Cassandre Prosper and her family visited Notre Dame in 2022.

There are five evaluation periods during this time period: April 21-23; May 19-21; June 15-17; July 7-10; and July 21-24

During an Evaluation Period, it is "permissible for authorized athletics department staff members to be involved in off-campus activities designated to assess the academic qualifications and playing ability of prospective student-athletes. No in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts shall be made with the prospective student-athlete during an evaluation period, save for seniors at scholastic events. Quiet period activities are also allowable."

There is also one dead period, on June 13-14. During a Dead Period, "...it is not permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts or evaluations on or off the member institution's or to permit official or unofficial visits by prospective student-athletes to the institution's campus."

(Chart by BabaGhanouj)

Let's examine the current recruiting state-of-play, position by position.


- There are question marks at the post/forward positions in 2024. Will Nat Marshall take advantage of a medical year? Will Kylie Watson and/or Maddy Westbeld take advantage of the Covid exemption year granted by the NCAA? (Guess here: Kylie and Nat, yes; Maddy, off to the WNBA.)

- So these are positions that should have a strong focus by the ND coaching staff.

2024 Posts/Forwards to Keep Track Of:

- Kateryna "Kate" Koval (HG #3) 6'5" Post from Ukraine who plays for Long Island Lutheran High School. Came to U.S. in Sept. 2021 and grabbed peoples' attention during initial HS season. Classic back-to-basket post but has good spot-up jumper and is an adept passer. Very tall ceiling.
(Followed on Twitter by Michaela Mabrey)
- Sarah Strong (HG #5, ASGR #27), 6'2" Forward from Grace Academy in North Carolina. Like Carlton, she is a power forward to plays very strong in the paint. Highly sought-after player who has visited ND.
- Kennedy Umeh (#27 in HG, Blue Star #7, #15 ASGR), 6'3" post/forward from McDonough H.S. Eagles (Maryland), lists herself with the Philadelphia Rise (formerly the Philly Belles). Took unofficial visit to ND in Oct. '21.
(Followed on Twitter by MM)

Class of 2024 - Going Elsewhere

- Justice Carlton (HG #4, ASGR #21), 6'2" forward from Katy, Texas and Seven Lakes H.S., who had a very strong 2022 summer circuit. For what it's worth, she lists ND as among her top 20 (actually 21) schools under consideration. As of May 26, ND not in Top 5.
- Blanca Thomas (HG #10, ASGR #3, Blue Star #10), a 6'5" center from Charlotte, N.C. Catholic HS, who has received an offer from ND. Many offers from Carolina, regional schools. On 5/29/23, COMMITTED TO UNC.
- Toby Fournier (HG #13, ASGR #26, Blue Star #49), 6'2" forward from Toronto who plays for Crestwood Prep. Known for her ability to dunk, but is adept, well-rounded forward who plays for Kia Nurse-sponsored AAU team. COMMITTED TO DUKE.

Class of 2025
- Sienna Betts (HG #4, #22 ASGR), Grandview HS/Hardwood Heat AAU, Aurora, Colorado. Smaller, younger sister of UCLA center Lauren Betts, Sienna is, nonetheless, a 6'3" forward who offers rangy height and athletic ability. Came to South Bend on unofficial visit to attend ND vs. Duke game on 2/5/23. Has named ND one of 11 schools she's considering.
- Leah Macy (HG #15, ASGR #16), 6'3" Forward who plays for Mercy Academy HS and KY Premier in AAU (same as Zakiyah Johnson). Power forward who used to play for Elizabethtown HS, same as Erin Boley. Sturdy forward who is very strong with either hand going to the hoop. Good pull-up jumpers in the lane. Attended ND vs. UConn game in Dec. 2022
- Kira Reynolds (HG #16, #10 ASGR), South Bend Washington, Indiana. The 6'3" sophomore — and younger sister of Mila and Amiyah Reynolds who recently transferred and decommitted from Maryland, respectively. She already holds offers from Kentucky, Marquette, Maryland, Michigan State, Pitt, Purdue, Ohio State and West Virginia. Member of Blue Star 30, much like -23 recruit Emma Risch.

Class of 2026

- Olivia Vukosa, (Mentioned in Hoopgurlz 2026 Summary, a "Blue Star 30" member) 6'4" Post who plays for Christ The King High School and Philly Rise AAU. The "Big O" has an ND offer, as well as offers (pleas?) to play from virtually every major program in the country. Already. ND has good affiliations with both CTK (Nat Marshall's alma mater) and the Philly Rise (formerly the Belles).


The 2024-25 season would be Sonia Citron's senior season, so there would be a strong need to find tall guards/wings.

Class of 2024 Guard Prospects:

- Mikayla Blakes (#21 Hoopgurlz, #9 Blue Star, NR ASGR), 6'0" guard out of Rutgers Prep H.S., NJ, a top HS in that state. Rated highly in 2021 Wooten 150. Received offer from ND in October 2021. Once a slasher who has developed an excellent three-point shot.
- Taliyah Parker (#31 Hoopgurlz, #18 ASGR), 6'1" shooting guard from Putnam City West H.S. in Oklahoma, who received an ND offer in October 2022. Also plays volleyball.

CLASS of 2024 Who Will Go Elsewhere

- Olivia Olson, (#7 HG, #2 ASGR, #55 Blue Star) 6'1" wing from New Hope, MN. Olson was a starter for the U.S.A. u16 Nat'l. Team in 2021, averaging double figures in scoring. Took two unofficial visits to ND in Sept. 2021 and Feb. 2022 and named ND one of 10 finalists. On Sept. 9, COMMITTED TO MICHIGAN.
- Allie Ziebell (#5 HG, #30 Blue Star, NR ASGR), a 5'11" guard from Neenah, Wisconsin, who has flown up recruiting charts in 2022. COMMITTED TO UCONN.
- Kendall Dudley, (#13 HG, #5 ASGR, #1 Blue Star) 6'1" wing from Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C., one of the top HS teams in the U.S. Played with 2023 Duke commit Jadyn Donovan at Sidwell. Member of U.S.A. u16 Nat'l. Team in '21. Named ND one of 10 finalists in October 2023, with numerous ACC and SEC schools. As of April 2023, COMMITTED TO UCLA.
- Chloe Spreen (#NR in Hoopgurlz, #24 Blue Star, #28 ASGR), a 5'9" guard who plays for Bedford North Lawrence HS, Ind. and the Nike LadyGymRats. According to PN's Brandon Clay, ND was tracking Spreen "very closely," but that was a few years back. Haven't heard much since then. As of April 30, COMMITTED TO ALABAMA.

Class of 2025

- ZaKiyah Johnson (#2 HG), a 6'0" guard for Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville, KY, who also plays up (by two years) the U-17 Kentucky Premier AAU team (same as Leah Macy). Named Kentucky Gatorade Player of the Year after her freshman year, in which she averaged 17.4 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 3.2 assists per game and 1.9 steals per game. Received an offer from ND in May 2022 and looked forward to "learning more about" ND.
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- Darianna "Dee" Alexander (#4 HG, #4 ASGR, too early for PN, Blue Star), a 6'0" guard who plays for Purcell Marian H.S. in Cincinnati, Ohio and the West Virginia Thunder in AAU Ball. She's coached by former ND player Mychal Johnson's dad in AAU. Received an offer from ND in July 2022.
(Followed on Twitter by Michaela Mabrey)
- Deniya Prawl (HG #7, PN #9), 5'11" guard from Fort Erie Secondary School who has played in the Canadian National program. Getting solid reviews from followers of Canadian HS/AAU. Attended Jan. 1 BC game at South Bend.
- Aaliyah Crump (HG #9), a 6'0" guard from Minnetonka, MN, took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame in Oct. '22. First-known indication of any mutual interest between guard and Irish.
- Adelaide Jernigan, (HG NR) 5'10" guard who plays for Bishop McGuinness HS Lady Raiders and Winston-Salem Stealers AAU Team. Lefty who leads team in scoring as a freshman. Coach Michaela Mabrey observed a practice during Irish trip to Wake Forest. Jernigan has visited Clemson.


In the fall of 2024, ND will have two point guards, Olivia Miles and Hannah Hidalgo, who is coming to ND in 2023. Because of that commitment, this doesn't appear to be a position of need. ND was following Zamareya Jones, but we'll see if that continues following Hidalgo's signing.

Class of 2024

- Zamareya Jones (#11 Hoopgurlz, #14 ASGR) 5'6" point guard from North Pitt H.S., North Carolina. ND Asst. Coach Charel Allen has seen Jones in action, which looks a lot like current ND PG Olivia Miles; both in her appearance (glasses/goggles) and game. Looks to pass first, but can get into the lane on drives. Also has a solid pull-up jumper.

Class of 2025

- Janiyah Williams (#14 HG, #24 ASGR) 5'7" PG from Stillwater, Oklahoma, and Edmond Memorial H.S. (Followed on Twitter by Charel Allen)

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