Upon Closer Inspection, This Is A Little Tricky....
by dillon77 (2018-09-19 10:04:21)
Edited on 2018-09-19 14:14:21

In reply to: Dates to raise the banner  posted by RISteve

..and I base that on the AA article you also passed along.

AA: "The Harvard game — a 4 p.m. start because it comes on a football home weekend — will be just the second-ever meeting between the Crimson and Irish."

- Harvard is the first game but 4 p.m. on a Friday on a football weekend? Some/lot of ticket-holders at work, possible parking issues.

- Penn is a regular night game, but it's on Monday. Still, one might like to get the banner in the rafters for the rest of the season ASAP, because the next home games are:

- Thursday, Nov. 29th vs Iowa.
- Sunday, Dec. 2nd vs. UConn

Iowa is a big game as part of the B1G vs ACC series and could offer some suitable hoopla in a positive way. Plus, leading scorer in the country -- Megan Gustafsson -- comes to town.

UConn offers a potentially huge Sunday national audience on ESPN vs. the "do we really want to do this" decision of putting up the banner against the team you (barely) beat in the national semifinals, could use as mega-incentive at this game and season ("don't poke the bear") and is a mega-rival not only on the court but in recruiting.

So, let's play scruples.....