The question was not what intrigues you
by BabaGhanouj (2018-09-24 08:36:50)
Edited on 2018-09-24 08:46:59

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about the coming season, but what factors will determine if we can repeat as champs. Ironically, what some of us are already exhibiting on the Bench may be the major factor for the team to repeat as champs: focus or lack thereof.

This year the components of focus will not be inescapable playing time and David vs. Goliath motivation. The team will have to find new reasons to focus. They will have to switch from the motivation of David to the motivation of Goliath. Basically, this is Homeboy’s number 1 answer which I agree with and stole. He calls it team cohesion. (NDLAW also lists it. He calls it “intensity”.) Muffet calls it team chemistry. I’ll call it team focus and motivation. As Homeboy says, how will they “maintain their killer instincts, be tough, and refuse to lose?”

At least I hope the team will have to find new motivation and reasons to focus, since equally important (for the team to repeat as champs) may also be cbiebel’s No. 1 answer (also stolen): Player health.

It was hard enough to win without Turner. It will be nearly impossible to win again if we lose starters who won it last year. We can’t be hit again with crippling injuries, or can we?

Third, and lastly, I’ll go with luck. That is the factor that every other final four team attributes to our winning, so I’d like to have it again.