What Intrigues Me Is, In Large Measure, What the Irish...
by dillon77 (2018-09-24 08:51:03)
Edited on 2018-09-24 08:53:32

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...need to do to win. That's how I was viewing it primarily in Augst and still am, now.

Upon reexamining my answers after a coffee, all I'd do is change the order a bit. The last is first....

I really think MM needs to establish a particular atmosphere that players are driven, happy and excited and then figure out playing patterns that maximize it. Last year was unique for many reasons and this one is interesting, too -- about as veteran a starting group as one can have, with a bunch of sophs and frosh chomping at the bit to join the party.

And the other suggestions/thoughts go from there: Center strategy, PG rotation, frosh play, etc. Or, some of these factors will lead to overall philosophy being fulfilled.