by NOBBYDOMER (2018-09-24 13:23:09)

In reply to: The question was not what intrigues you  posted by BabaGhanouj

I agree with all the other ideas but laughed out loud on your comment re luck. In my spare time and with obsesssive behavior I watched a lot of the “stretch “ games...A&M, OSU, UCONN, MSU....we were seriously behind in so many games e.g. Tenn and somehow (coaching, defense....a zone!, unselfish offense )BUT really MSU’s center missing several bunny hooks, Ionesco disappearing, Tenn going stone cold, AO’s 3’s, Mabrey’s 3’s as the clock runs out....we were really fortunate. Let’s hope along with being incredibly skilled and well coached we ge5 some good bounces.