Just watched it: worth the 40 mins "This is the pay-off"
by domerduck (2018-09-26 23:33:27)

In reply to: Tonight at 8:00 pm (saw this posted on another ND board)  posted by NDoggie78

To start the doc with the missed shot by Arike when we lost to Stanford in the Elite 8 in 2017 and then cover the 2018 season so well with short jump-offs honoring Muffet's HOF award/competitiveness, previous great ND teams (2001, 5 straight F4s), ND fan support, & ND/UConn rivalry was overall well executed. Skylar's commentary and personal thoughts especially on the last two games were wonderful. The ND coach's and Adam Amin's interviews were well placed as they covered the 2018 season and the the drama of the NC with flashbacks was great. When you then see Arike's ESPN interview after her game winning shot against Mississippi State saying "this is what we do" you realize how aptly this was titled. Good close showing the NC celebration, DWTS, Ellen/Kobe trip, and Espy victory as the spoils, I am sure looking forward to this coming season.