A few tidbits
by McLean_ND (2018-10-02 16:19:55)

In reply to: ACC Media Day Today. First practice is Thurs, 10/4  posted by RISteve

There was some discussion (among Muffet, Marina, and Bri) about sometimes playing 40 minutes in some games last season and how that's not likely to be the case as much this season. Marina said it's actually helpful to watch the game from the bench for a while. Muffet said Jordan Nixon really steeped up on the Rome/Croatia trip. She also said just because she has 11 players this season, maybe only 6 or 7 will play, with the others on the bench having to earn their playing time. Marina commented that living with Arike has been like living with a celebrity. When asked what games on the schedule she has circled she somewhat dodged the question (and didn't mention Louisville or UConn) and mentioned only Virginia Tech, where she will play against her younger sister.