I think its more than about basketball too.
by ndbutch (2018-10-03 18:24:36)
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In perusing the Boneyard since April a lot of UConn fans have really been stroking the impressive accomplishments of some UConn alum in the WNBA etc. I think a UConn fan was banned from this site for a trolling post on the subject. I just don't believe that has a lot of sway with these kids like it does potential NBA prospects in MBB. The WBB National Championship has a lot more sway and the past 2 years have shown you don't have to go to UConn to accomplish that. It's made arguments other schools have been trying to make since UConn ended up in the AAC more potent.

A football season weekend at Neyland Stadium vs one at UConn isn't going to favor the Huskies if that's something the recruit desires. It will trump which school has a better coach or put more girls in the WNBA. I'll leave it at the social life aspect but there are other advantages and disadvantages with WBB programs that can't be overcome by the prospect of becoming a multi-millionaire after 1 year of college like some men's programs.

I still believe that UConn will sign Boston and Stanford will sign Jones at this point. Strictly a guess.