The Poor Rich
by BabaGhanouj (2018-10-04 08:59:18)
Edited on 2018-10-04 09:00:21

Last year UConn snagged the No. 1 HoopGurlz recruit (Christyn Williams) and the No. 1 ASGR recruit (Olivia Nelson-Ododa). The year before they captured again the No. 1 recruit in Megan Walker. The year before that they secured the No. 3 recruit, Crystal Dangerfield, the year before that they locked up the No. 1 recruit, Katie Lou Samuelson and the No. 3-6 recruit, Nepheesa Collier.

Now this year many on the Boneyard have their knickers in a swivet because they are afraid they will not reap the No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 recruits in the country. There is a swell in the ranks that UConn women’s basketball may be doomed because of poor recruiting. What?! That is just crazy talk.

I can only attribute that sentiment to the smell of fear, that UConn needs by far and away the best players rating-wise (which they have) or else they can’t win—so much for their confidence in Geno and staff (and their players). Though we would love to have the level of talent of a UConn, I think we have a little more confidence in our coaches, players and spirit. It has been shown that, while the highest rated players are a luxury, they are not a necessity for winning it all, at least for Notre Dame.