2 really good players per year
by Orangutan (2018-10-04 11:16:34)

In reply to: It's Not a Situation They're Used To....  posted by dillon77

My belief is that you need two really good players per year. That's been the pattern for the last several years at ND.

Here's ND's McDonald's All-Americans by recruiting class year since 2012 (and assuming Peoples and Brunelle earn that recognition):

2012: Loyd, Mabrey
2013: Reimer, Allen
2014: Turner, Westbeld
2015: Arike, Marina, Patberg
2016: Young, Boley
2017: Patterson (but we know Vaughn has McD's level talent)
2018: Gilbert, Nixon
2019: Peoples, Brunelle

My concern with 2019 is that ND is just short on numbers overall. But with Peoples and Brunelle we've got the top end talent covered.

As for UConn, I think they'll get either Jones or Boston and very possibly both. But I do understand the anxiety. Especially after two straight years of no NC (the horror!)

UConn and ND are very much in similar spots. Neither program is willing to lower its standards to accommodate talented kids who don't fit their culture or have the appropriate skill sets (notice that almost every player in either program is an above-average passer).

This approach results in the occasional thin recruiting class but the results are undeniable.