Agreed regarding the Ducks, they'll be fine without Nyara
by domerduck (2018-10-04 15:34:09)
Edited on 2018-10-04 15:35:48

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this year. They have their 5 key players from their NCAA run last year including 2 AAs in Ionescu and Hebard. The Spaniard Cazorla and Oti Gildon will be their only seniors and now they have 5 star/ex ND player Erin Boley with 3 years of eligibility along with Nyara's older sister Satou, PAC12 Freshman of the year. That's their top 6 players and then the other 3 are two sophs, Australian Point Guard Yaeger , who was 4* top 100 recruit and 6'6" Giomi along with incoming Freshman guard, Arizona POY, Tayler Chavez.

I'm not feeling bad for Graves. He was still going to have playing time problems with the 10 he had. Watching Muffett handle a short bench, we all know it can be done if the starting 5 and top sub have the talent. No question Graves still has that and Erin will take a lot of PT as she gets added in. Nyara is considered possibly even more talented than her sister. I think it will be easier to fit her in next year which will work well with the other 4 returning starters they'll still have (Sabrina, Ruthie, Erin, and Satou.

Obviously it changes if they get another injury but I think they'll be challenging ND to the end.