Only 4 returning players averaged more than 2.5 ppg
by cbiebel (2018-10-04 18:07:33)

In reply to: The Poor Rich  posted by BabaGhanouj

And only one more averaged more than 1.3 ppg. When you start the season and say "Who are going to be your five starters?" and everyone listing it says "and probably a freshman at center" that can many fans nervous, particularly for a regular NC contender.

Plus, two of the juniors (usually the class that really starts to step up) were ranked #56 and #121 in ASGR.

They need to see the younger players step up and possibly have the freshmen ready to play. Yes, ONO is #1 recruit, but freshmen at the position very rarely play really well, even the #1 recruits, because it's a position that often requires more weight training and more complex moves than they had to have in high school.

I think these are the reasons some UConn fans are concerned, right or wrong.

Basically, it comes down to some of those higher rated younger players haven't shown their stuff yet (I think Walker has, but she wasn't used as much as many people though she should have been). If they progress, they should be fine, although they won't have a lot of senior leadership on the court for 2019-20 (See above ASGR rankings for two of the seniors for that year).