by Orangutan (2018-10-05 11:22:49)

In reply to: What do you think they will get out of Boley?  posted by PWK2

ND just won the national title with noted track stars Kathryn Westbeld, Jessica Shepard, and Koko Nelson. This is basketball, not a 4x400 relay.

You would think if any fanbase would refrain from the "she's too slow" comments it would be this one. But maybe that's my sensitivity after reading that year after year from UConn fans about ND.

I thought Boley was starting to show serious potential after a rough initial adjustment period. It would be a shame if we were all evaluated on our freshman year of college.

I think she has more passing skill especially than she exhibited at ND and she'll fit right in with the wide-open Oregon offense. The biggest thing is the floor spacing, which will help clear the paint for Ionescu. But she's more than a spot up shooter. She has the versatility to play inside in small lineups or outside in big lineups. The two-man game with she and Ionescu should be lethal.

I don't think she's anything special as a defender but that's not really Oregon's game anyway. They're just going to try to outscore everyone.