PN's Ranked 2021 Players, Other News Added To Recruiting
by dillon77 (2018-10-06 13:54:18)
Edited on 2018-10-07 10:46:26

Hey all:

I've updated the Recruiting Update (see link below or entry just above).

This includes adding any new information to prospects and/or commits, as well as moving a few prospects around from "of interest" to going elsewhere. Always interesting to see how the 2019 (and some of the 2020) funnel starts getting smaller.

However, the 2021 recruits are just getting going in earnest. Prospects Nation has put out 25 ranked players, which Hoopgurlz did a bit earlier.
Both HG and PN have the same top three rankings: Azzi Fudd, Amari DeBerry and Olivia Miles. After that they differ pretty widely, as a list of some prospects that have been associated with ND shows.

- Azzi Fudd, 5'11" guard. #1 HG, #1 PN.
- Amari DeBerry, 6'5" forward. #2 HG, #2 PN.
- Oliva Miles, 5'11" point guard. #3 HG, #3 PN.
- Ari Wiggins, 5'7" point guard. #23 HG, #6 PN.
- Destiny Adams, 6'3" forward. NR HG, #13 PN.
- Taylor Bigby, 5'11" guard. NR HG, #15 PN.
- Caroline Ducharme, 6'1" wing, NR HG, #22 PN.

Once again, all of these prospects, plus a few more, are now in the update. It will be interesting to see who stays, who goes and who is added.


Beginning Sept. 30th and running until Feb. 28, 2019, NCAA WBB is in an EVALUATION period, during which a college coach may watch student-athletes compete, visit their high schools and write or telephone student athletes and their parents.

However, a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents off the college's campus during an evaluation period. (There are two "dead" periods from Nov. 12-15 and Dec. 24-26, during which a coach can only write or telephone student athletes and their parents.)

BACK TO 2019

Right now, it looks like the Irish have their energies on three remaining 2019 prospects: Haley Jones, Aliyah Boston and Laeticia Amihere.
All three have reportedly visited ND for their official trip (although no confirmation of Amihere's). Here's what these prospects have left leading up to the mid-November early signing period:

- Boston. Has visited ND and Ohio State. Will go to South Carolina on 10/26 and to UConn (with Haley Jones) on 11/2. She will apparently make her announcement during a school trip to her home of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands in mid-November.

- Jones. Has visited ND and Stanford. No news on South Carolina and Oregon, but will go to UConn with Boston on 11/2.

- Amihere. No further news.

Thanks for the updates. Do you think that the Pitt weekend
by MPG  (2018-10-07 14:42:54)     cannot delete  |  Edit  |  Return to Board  |  Ignore Poster   |   Highlight Poster  |   Reply to Post

will be the time for the second Recruitapalooza? It would be two weeks earlier than last year's, but practice is underway and Saturday's weather is expected to be better than it was last year. Everyone will be in a good mood with fall break about to begin.

The FSU weekend features a night game in November and the coaches will be in game preparation mode with games on friday and Monday and not as likely to spend enough time with a group of top recruits.

If There's Going To Be "Nielefest," Pitt Weekend Seems Right
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And for all the reasons you mention: decent weather, last home game for nearly a month; and, one can show the new practice facility that should be far enough along to show off, as NDoggie78 suggests.

But I'm wondering if MM/Niele et al will have it because last year's accomplished so much of what they needed at the proverbial "wide end of the funnel." It got a pretty wide bunch of '19, primarily '20 and two '21ers on campus.

That might've determined whether they liked the place, the team and each other to keep, pursue interest. In the case of Anaya and Sam, mission very accomplished (let's see pen to paper soon!).

And then the winnowing began. You found that there was a camp in summer that Alli Campbell came back to and you can be sure MM/Niele saw the Philly Belles play to keep up with those prospects. That resulted in Alli Campbell getting an offer and saying "yes."

You've got to think, the analysis on other '20 prospects (Bueckers, Clark, Marshall, Parrish, etc.) is pretty advanced, too. And based on the size of the roster, the class of '21 might be more of a "rifle" approach, then a "shotgun" at this point (hello Ms. Fudd and DeBerry).

That said, the event certainly seemed to have helped...maybe the next time to have one is next fall to help with '22ers.

Knock on wood, I'll be out in South Bend this weekend am hoping to get to the bookstore basketball event on Friday evening. If there's time, maybe I'll ask Niele or MM about it.

Practice facility officially opens 11/1
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That may be a determining factor? Although it is definitely far enough along to visit in October