Baba, Thanks for posting. Well worth the 22 minutes. Nice
by domerduck (2018-10-07 18:26:38)
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having the interviewer be a Goldman Sachs partner who is also an ND alum/fan, Katie Koch. She earned a BA, magna cum laude, in English and Economics at ND in 2002. She is impressive in her own right as she won the 2016 Money Management Executive's Women in Asset Management Award. She is also nominated for the 2018 International Investment Woman of the Year for Investment Week. You can hear her insights in this attached Bloomberg interview which I found fascinating being retired from a Silicon Valley company. (Amazing what you can find on the internet).

Katie did a great job asking Muffet questions that provided some great background from playing, how she coached, and women coaches. When talking about women being demanding held to a double standard between men and women it was interesting. I loved the media discussion and her quote that "they ask women how do you crouch in heels and I don't think they ask Geno that question." Lots more insights. I truly enjoyed it.