USA wins 21-4 [Edited]
by BabaGhanouj (2018-10-12 09:45:33)
Edited on 2018-10-12 14:33:00

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All four girls played spectacularly with defense, passing, and cutting. The team is tied with the Ukraine at 3-0. Those two teams play at 11:30 a.m. today. They all appear to be having a lot of fun enjoying Sam's company and missing school.

Added later:
The USA won the game against the Ukraine, 21-9, so they are 4-0. Again, everyone played extremely well. Van Lith is an athletic beast. This the second time (at least) that she handed the ball to the opposing player to take the ball out and immediately knocked it out of her hands. The other time I saw her do it, it was disallowed. Undaunted, she did it again against the Ukraine and it stood. She is so competitive. All the girls are exceptionally good and all seem to really to enjoy each other's company. Don't underestimate Sam Brunelle!