MM’s press conference? *
by T-Bone (2019-01-10 22:13:55)

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Some Points I Remember From MM's Press Conference
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- Thought it was a good (maybe even great) game from a hoops perspective. Still, just a game in January.
(My thought: good win for seeding purposes, both in ACC and NCAA tourneys)
- Gave credit to Louisville for playing tough man-to-man defense and thought that a solid man-to-man often leads to making passes more difficult to make. Hence, "Got to put the ball on the floor" when that happens. That helped lead to lower assists and, in part, to higher turnovers.

Still, MM was upset at turnovers, particularly the offensive fouls and travels.

(The ball pressure is probably one reason why Jackie was bringing the ball up so much in the second half.)

- She mentioned Durr by name twice in the presser (take that, he who must not be named!). Actually, she gave Durr big kudos for her first half.

- MM hadn't known that Ruth Riley was named a finalist for the Women's Collegiate Hall of Fame. She was genuinely happy and touched for Ruth. Great to see.

- Was really happy with Vaughn performance and impressed with her rebounding (8 in what, 4 minutes?). Said she needs to get her more minutes.
(Totally agree and I thought Dani P. also played very good defense during our third quarter run.)

- For you fashionistas, that Green Scarf is her lucky scarf.

- And, I don't recall the exact question, but someone asked about the "1 vs. 2" games we're playing in and if there's any way to make them easier, MM cracked, "Not playing Connecticut>' Got a good laugh.