And Rebounding Is the Key to the Running Game....
by dillon77 (2019-01-11 07:35:52)

In reply to: Now every team knows…  posted by BabaGhanouj

Some kind of defense enables that, too, otherwise you wouldn't have the rebounds.

But grabbing the rock and then letting it go is the key. And as Kara Lawson pointed out last night ad infinitum, Jess Shepard is the best in WCBB (WBB?) and the quick outlet pass upcourt. It's such a shame she got into foul trouble in the 2nd half because I think she would've had 20+ rebounds last night.

They should put a compilation tape together of her rebounds and outlet passes for young posts...glorious stuff to watch!

(P.S. You covered the running, but my one point there is just how well all the guards look to pass on the break. In fact, there were one or two times I thought Arike or Jackie should've taken it to the rack.)