Huh? Were we watching the same game?
by BabaGhanouj (2019-01-11 15:38:34)

In reply to: I think the IRISH are a great half court team  posted by traditionnevergraduates

Notre Dame averages 28 transition points per game this season, 3rd in the nation. As I said, they love to run and are great at it. Last night they scored 15 in transition, about half their average. Last night's game didn't allow for them to run (as much as normal) so they had to play half court—the exact opposite of what you stated.

Their half court game wasn't terrible, but still could use work. I'm thinking away from the ball screens, back door cuts, plays off of double screens—what we were treated to when Natalie Achonwa and Kayla McBride confused the opposition in half court. Did you really mean last night's game was more about running than half court?