She’s very like Lindsay Allen, in that her first thought is
by 1NDGal (2019-01-11 21:41:18)

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always of her teammates and how to support them. It’s never about her, even when it needs to be about her.

Miss Jacquée Miggy Figgy Young, as I call her in my head, is not the Highest-Scoring Basketball Player in the History of Indiana for nothing. Girl gets ish DONE. We wouldn’t have gotten to the Elite Eight last year without her. There are other games she took over in 2018 but I sitting here I can’t remember.

Muffet says she is likely to end up the best player in the history of NDWBB. Muffet does not say such things lightly.

We’ve not seen Jackie’s fifth gear yet. We shall. God help the team we’re playing when Jackie gets there.