Those highlights do capture some Peoples' strengths.
by BabaGhanouj (2019-01-12 08:33:05)
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We saw from her play on the U18 USA Team (courtesy of Jeff Walz), like these highlights show, she has great defensive presence, long arms, and quickness to block shots and intercept passes. She has a seriousness and determination on display at all times. I think I've only seen her smile in one video after she hit a buzzer beater.

Note, we will be blessed with contrasting personalities on the court. Sam is fight with emotion on her sleeve, Anaya is fight with inner resolve. Of course, off the court Anaya is all smiles.

It's always tough to predict how these high school players will adjust to the college game their first year. Often the more introverted players need more time to boost their confidence, however, I think Anaya could see a lot of playing time because of her focus on defense and finding teammates with passes. Sam should be shooting before she barely gets into the half court. But, like I said, who knows?