They thoroughly outplayed ND's big's tonight.
by ndbutch (2019-02-07 21:17:58)

They spread the floor and every Irish player had a tough time defensively. A lot of offensive rebounds and stick backs were the result of having to go help a beaten defender.

Offensively ND looks like the 1984 Lakers without Kareem. If they can't get out in transition they struggle. Having Brianna catch the ball out top in their set is like pouring glue into the offense. She doesn't even look at the basket. Turns her back at times when the entry pass isn't there and the guards have to sumo wrestle to get away from the defender and start running the play. There was a turnover to start the 2nd half on that very play. Her and Sheppard, so good on paper, appear to be tactically incompatible offensively sometimes. Turner won't take the shot. Sheppard acts like its an act against nature if she takes a jump shot and misses.
Ariel Braker would do enough to keep the defense honest at least.

Finally. They don't react well at all to adversity. They seem panicked. The Irish have a team that is much more formidable on paper than they actually play.