Here is my conjecture
by ndpaul (2019-02-07 22:44:36)

In reply to: ND ladies look like they don't enjoy playing together *  posted by MukIrish

1) I still stand by my post last week that Jessica’s weight loss is running against her. I’ll go back to some analogies: would Barkley or Shaq been as effective if they would have lost 40 lbs each? At the end of the day she can’t muscle up a shot against the best players.
2) JY although back is still injured and not 100%. Our key to last year’s magic - go back and. Watch the tape, she bailed us out time and time again. Tonight I was shocked at how much she got beat defensively. She wasn’t able to slash offensively, and she missed her key midrangers

I also stand by my post is that I don’t know why or how but at end of day it is all ball hoops 101 and if you show the tape to a neutral observer who does not know the players, they were flat out better with the best and more athletic guards and posts