I think it's the offense, not the personnel.
by SorinBasement (2019-02-08 08:54:33)

This hell-bent determination to force the ball into the low post is killing us. It essentially takes Arike, Jackie and Marina--three of the best players in the country--out of the game.

ND's halfcourt offense is at its best when it's based on ball movement. It's based on the ability to make that extra pass, to give up a good shot for a better shot. Once the ball is forced down low, particularly with the lob, there's rarely an opportunity for an extra pass. The low post player, assuming they've caught the difficult pass, is often too far under the basket to have any options aside from an awkward shot. They're also pushed too far under the basket to be in any position for an offensive rebound.

These players are all extremely talented and have played together for a very long time. They're well-suited for an offense based on ball movement. They're all very good passers, and they're all threats to score. Why run an offense that fails to take advantage of that?