Our guards have to keep their defenders honest.
by sixtythreer (2019-02-08 11:22:37)

In reply to: I think it's the offense, not the personnel.  posted by SorinBasement

When we give up on shooting from beyond the arc, it allows the other team's guards to sink down
into and around the paint. It clogs things up for Bri and Jessica, and it makes the lob much harder.

History shows that Marina and Arike will eventually start hitting their threes. But they will never make one, if they don't shoot them. I would even like to see Jackie take two or three a game. We can't give up on the three like we did last night in the 3rd periods and early fourth period, and expect the paint to be open.

The lob works best when Bri and Jessica have room to adjust to where it comes down.