Perhaps more the lack of high post shooting
by SixShutouts66 (2019-02-08 14:03:42)

In reply to: I think it's the offense, not the personnel.  posted by SorinBasement

I think we've aways been prone to high risk/high reward entry passes to the low post player. Frustrating turnovers on the passes have been present for a number of years, but we've also scored a lot of easy points that way. It seem that we end up with a lot of congestion around the basket with Jess and Bri gravitating there. Having Jessica hit baskets from the high post may be more consistent with the desired offense approach. A fallout of this is the congestion when Arike or Jackie drive to the basket.

All three losses have occurred to teams that stifled transition points. The success in our transition game may have masked problems with the half-court offense nad lack of a natural PG.