To me, it is pretty simple. You won the title last
by chicos bail bonds (2019-02-09 09:17:48)

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year in unbelievable fashion. Not only did you persevere through a lot of injuries but you also won the final 2 games in the most exciting way possible. How do you top that and how do you find the desire to top that.

In some ways, Auriemma is a jackass but in other ways he is a genius. How he continues to motivate and achieve success on top of success is quite an example of elite coaching. As Holtz once said I believe, his biggest mistake was believing he needed to sustain success. In retrospect, he knew he needed to set new bars and do more than just sustain.

I can't stand the Yankees but I admired their run a number of years ago. I believe part of their answer was that they would tweak their roster every year just enough to bring in a few new guys which brought out the best in their leaders. When the Yankees moved to a model of just signing the biggest stars in baseball, they were sunk. They lost the chemistry and the role of the leader was diminished because they became loaded with stars instead of guys that did the little things.

We are in effect loaded with stars. Everyone is waiting for others to do the little things. It hasn't happened on any type of consistent basis. It could happen but I doubt it.