Looking ahead....
by dillon77 (2019-02-09 10:25:48)
Edited on 2019-02-09 15:18:08

In reply to: Wise, well said, and it may be appropriateā€¦or not.  posted by BabaGhanouj

...I noticed your comment on MM looking for players with leadership attributes (potential and/or kinetic) and intensity. One can easily see that in incoming 2019 players Sam Brunelle and Anaya Peoples. Ditto for Alli Campbell.

It's interesting how much of this leadership attribute can be shaped and learned as well. In the radio show, Abby admitted that she is a perfectionist and can get down on herself, which we often see on her doubting herself in taking shots. The striving to be perfect is a great motivator, but it can trip you up (hell, stuff happens in hoops, hockey, soccer, etc.). Interesting to see how Abby/coaching staff work on that with Abby, who was renowned for her leadership abilities at Lakota West. Her coach there listed that as her #1 attribute.

Lastly, back to the half-court offense, there are variations on what ND does depending on personnel, teams we play against, etc. A high post has traditionally been the inner spoke of a Princeton offense, but it can be generated in other ways; ie., various screens, back cuts, etc.

One reason I think Sam Brunelle is such a good fit here is she will be a natural or this type of offense, whether at the 4 or some other role.