Geno has basketball philosophy that he gets players
by TerryND83 (2019-02-09 12:24:56)

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to fit. It is an energetic, pass first, dribble if you have to or to probe a defense's seam, rebound like hell, defend like a wasp defending its nest and run full force for the time you are on the floor. It is how they can defeat a team in the first 5-10 minutes of a game or at least psych the opponent out.

NDWBB is a dribble first, pass if you have to but lob if it will make the ESPN sports reel type of offensive game. This leads to a lot of standing around and a crowded key. Their defensive game can be energetic but often they forget to box out for rebounds or let too many players drive by them.

UCONN is about being efficient on offense, which is why passing is stressed over dribbling. Passing requires understanding basic geometry to get the best angles to pass to the player with the best chance to score.

If a player does not conform to his style of basketball, he will bench them. This usually happens in their Freshmen and Sophomore years. By end of Sophomore to beginning of Junior year, the players either decided to get with the program or leave UCONN.