I have nothing but fond memories of Kat. She did so many
by sixtythreer (2019-02-09 20:18:25)
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In reply to: I think Jess can shoot the 12-15' shots  posted by Irishgambler

really good things. She was a great high post passer. She could shoot and hit about half of her 15 footers. If you got too close, and if she saw an opening, she'd drive around you for an easy layup. She could rebound. And once in a while, she even shoot a three.

Jess is a better rebounder. And I have no doubt Jess can hit the 15 footer and even some threes.
But right now she's a tad too predictable. She'll pass or drive from the high post, but she isn't
making her self unpredictable, by shooting both from about 15 feet and occasionally beyond the arc. If she'll shoot from out there even five time a game, it will keep her defender honest, and out of the middle a beat longer. Especially if she hits about half of her 15 footers - which she can do.

Of course, if she shoots from out, that reduces her effectiveness as a rebounder. But it may benefit our other four players' chances of pulling down rebounds by drawing away an opposing big. And with Jess and her defender out, few guards can out rebound Jackie.