Her approach
by hulabuddha (2019-02-11 10:25:08)

In reply to: That Thought & Others Came To Mind...  posted by dillon77

Sorry - a senior moment.
She is an excellent three point shooter, not much else.
She would help our team, this year and any year she was here; but it would be along the lines of her freshman year - temporary offensive relief, and a liability on defense.
At the risk of trying to determine what's in her head, she doesn't seem to want to play defense. She's is slow to pick up her man; she is slow following her man; and she doesn't rebound at all.
She does not move well without the ball and her lack of mobility allows the other team to sag off her more than normal.
I wanted to watch the Stanford-Oregon game to see how she did. I wanted her to play better, but she'll never be a complete player. She simply doesn't have those skills or want to utilize them.