FSU Game Notes
by MPG (2019-02-11 17:02:18)
Edited on 2019-02-11 17:03:42

Arike played a near perfect game. Besides shooting over 50% from the field, she had a team leading nine rebounds and six assists; not to mention zero turnovers. Judging from some post game quotes, there seemed to be an effort to have her start scoring early.

Jackie Young took and made a few mid-range jump shots which is another good sign for the offense. Jess Shepard took three jumpers and made one.

This was the game when Abby Prohaska cemented her crowd favorite status with her hustle plays and three baskets. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she has the same smooth stroke on all of her jump shots and free throws. She has more potential to be a 20 minute per game contributor than I originally thought. She made her first appearance when ND went to four guards with Brianna going to the bench. The four guard look is a nice change for the half-court offense as a variation to the feed the post attack.

Jess Shepard was recognized before the game for passing the 2,000 point mark. It has been a pleasure to watch her play!

I am concerned about Mik Vaughn making it through this season in good health. This was the second consecutive home game with an injury for her. Valencia Meyers of FSU could have been ejected for a couple of her plays that were not called as fouls.

I was not able to identify two possible recruits who were in the ND guest section. One of them could have been Treasure Thompson (2020) of Illinois, but she never stood and didn't look like the listed 6-2. The other had a blonde ponytail with one side of her head buzz cut. She seemed to be of guard height.

For what it is worth, Raoul had a report that mentioned ND among those seriously interested in Madison Hayes (2020), although not among those who have offered.