I'm not sure exactly how the "experts" decide if the regions
by McLean_ND (2019-02-11 20:11:38)

In reply to: First Reveal  posted by RISteve

are "balanced" fairly. There was some discussion of this on the halftime show. Just adding up the rankings of the teams, the Albany region is at 38, Greensboro (with ND) at 25, Portland at 42, and Chicago at 38, so by that approach, ND is in the toughest region (at least in terms of the four top teams there). As others have pointed out, it doesn't really matter at this point though.

Was surprised to see the committee skip the 15 (Texas), 16 (Syracuse) and 17 (Kentucky) ranked teams and instead put in Iowa St (ranked 18) and Miami (ranked 20)