Depends on the fracture.
by NDBass (2018-12-12 10:24:54)

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I broke my fibula in mid-November and was back playing basketball in January. I walked on it for a week thinking it was a high ankle sprain. Then I was in a cast for 3-4 weeks. My biggest issue was with the ligament damage. That took longer to heal than the bone.

I haven't seen which bone he broke. Based on what I saw, I'd think it was the fibula. It also didn't look like there would be much damage other than the broken bone. They refused to let me look at his charts, though. I'm not a doctor so it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

That being said, a return to light training in 4-5 weeks isn't that extraordinary. That would give him a good portion of January to work closer to playing shape. Joe Gomez is a slightly better athlete than I am. He also has access to better rehab.