I don’t know
by HTownND (2018-12-13 19:01:42)
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He is Jewish, and all accounts are that he does care.

See the link

"It has no place at Chelsea or in any of our communities. We have stated this loud and clear on many occasions from the owner, the board, coaches and players."

"On Monday, Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck visited Parliament in London to show the club's support for a project honoring non-Jewish people who risked their lives during the Holocaust saving Jews.
The project is part of Chelsea's "Say No To Anti-Semitism" campaign, inspired by its Jewish owner Roman Abramovich."

Also, as a follow on to my earlier point. There were about 1200 Chelsea fans at the match.

Again, I'm not excusing it, those people should be banned from all Chelsea matches going forward. But there are anti semites in London still, and they all make comments about Tottenham. I think everyone is working on it, but it's going to be impossible to eradicate in one single move. Thankfully there aren't large scale chants using the Y word ringing throughout Stamford Bridge anymore.