They should be.
by KnightlyRevue (2018-12-17 16:55:27)

In reply to: Ajax is favored, apparently  posted by wcnitz

Madrid has zero confidence. Bale is always hurt. Isco in the doghouse. Asencio has lost all confidence and plays like a corpse. Mariano is hurt and doesn't play anyway because of every Real coaches love affair with Benzema.

Unless Madrid can somehow get Icardi (they wont) or get some firepower up front they have zero chance. It has hurt but I never thought I would see Real's midfield be average but average they are and the defense is below average with significant stars. Kroos and Modric either have World Cup hangovers or age and the significant amount of kilometers on the field have caught up with them. I am depressed but no complaints. This generation of Madrid produced. They were bound to have a down period after Cristiano.