Worse than that, I think
by wcnitz (2018-12-20 10:35:11)

In reply to: I just don't think they are a single player away...  posted by KnightlyRevue

I think they're more like 7-8 players away. Sanchez appears to be a write-off at this point. The whole back line is bad and it may be generous to call it bottom table quality. Jose had that bus firmly parked and Cube found himself standing alone about 16 yards out twice. Liverpool just assaulted the goal. That's been par for the course this season.

I love Lukaku, but he's not looked right since the WC and he's NOT getting the service. Rashford is really inconsistent, as is Martial. Maybe some of that is due to Jose's management, but who knows? They dropped 50M on Fred. Pogba is another matter entirely. It will be interesting to see if this change enables him to seize the opportunity or just continue to be Pogba.

I have my popcorn ready to watch the soap opera now that the baby faced assassin is running things. And I did actually name my son after him.