I feel it is tough to compare the leagues
by KnightlyRevue (2018-12-20 15:12:55)
Edited on 2018-12-20 15:43:19

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everyone talks about the general strength of the EPL but really only Man City, ManU, and Chelsea have won consistently since 2000. Arsenal won twice in that time period (2001+2003) but so did Valencia in La Liga (Oddly, also in 2001+2003). In the EPL you had Leicester's odd year but in La Liga you had Atletico win just as recently.

When you look at the European club championships there is no contest who has performed better. England needed Chelsea and ManU to win their last Europa titles in 2013 and 2017 while Spain has won 8 Europa's with Sevilla (5) and Atletico (3) since 2005. Champions is the same story. Spain has done consistently better since 2005 and it has been more than Madrid and Barca. Just last year, Sevilla knocked out ManU.

I feel money has ruined all leagues, and my bias for Spain is obvious, but for me the more compelling teams are in Spain when you look at all competitions and even the league itself.

Disclaimer: I just love soccer. I am not saying this to upset anyone as I follow La Liga, EPL, and Bundesliga pretty closely.