I understand your point but Eibar
by KnightlyRevue (2018-12-20 16:48:45)

In reply to: I don't look at champs, but individual games for interesting  posted by spade

was a poor example as they just beat Real Madrid 3-0. A complete thrashing. They are a tiny club but have had 2 very competitive years where they have beat many of the top clubs. Huesca is a team that was just promoted to La LIga who I would liken to Fulham or Huddersfield. They are hopeless.

Different strokes for different folks. I get the same pleasure that you do watching West Ham v Leicester from watching Athletic Bilbao (they are having a putrid year) play Villareal, Espanyol, or Betis. I find the style of play in La Liga more appealing with a higher premium on skill and ball movement.