I'm like you on this
by Irishlawyer (2018-12-21 11:00:37)

In reply to: An observer of the Premier League  posted by wcnitz

I love soccer. I tried to love the Chicago Fire but failed. I love the USMNT and USWNT. I love my son's club team (and respect but don't love my daughter's club team). As for the rest of the world, I'm like the Bobs in office space - I kind of like them all. I like the EPL the most and I float around from club to club depending on coach and personnel. I loved Drogba which drew me to Chelsea (and later to Phoenix AZ!) and that made me dislike Liverpool. Now, with Mo and the rest, I enjoy Liverpool quite a bit. I think its the best way for me to be a fan of the game. I have enough teams that I bleed for (ND, White Sox, etc.) and another one to give angst is just not worth it!