It could have been a red but I'm not complaining
by Siegfried08 (2019-01-03 17:29:41)
Edited on 2019-01-03 17:30:01

In reply to: And Lovren on Aguero?  posted by tex29

Especially since it was nearly identical to VVD's challenge in the Napoli match.

Lovren's wasn't a dangerous play, not sure why you think that could have been a red.

Raz probably deserved a penalty -- agreed with Dixon that that's given as a foul anywhere outside the box.

It was a great match. Nice to be 4 points clear, but when you hold City to under 50% possession, 1.0 xG, and see them clear three goals off the line, hard not to wonder what could have been. Hopefully it won't matter.