Ok. We will probably have to agree to disagree.
by tex29 (2019-01-03 22:41:05)
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With the Aguero tackle, Lovren gets nowhere near the ball and slides into Aguero’s knees, making knee to knee contact. If that’s not dangerous, I don’t know what is. That’s a recipe for blowing out someone’s knee.


You may be correct that tackles that poor are fairly common. But so are tackles like Kompany’s. Kompany’s studs are up, so you are probably correct that he is more likely to see red. I still think they are both reckless with potential to injure. The difference is that Aguero got up and said, “WTF?” While Salah acted like Kompany impaled him with a pineapple tree.

As for Sterling, this is a penalty all day. Robertson clearly sticks out his arms and wraps him up to prevent him from going back to the ball in a dangerous position. I linked the clip. Maybe an impartial observer can shed some light on it. But I think it’s a pretty clear foul on Robertson.