Why is it so difficult to comprehend?
by NDMike2001 (2019-01-04 07:54:33)

In reply to: Lovren didn’t go for the ball. He didn’t get anywhere close  posted by tex29

It's all captured right there in the picture. Yes it's tactical insofar as the point is to stop the counter. If you foul, so be it. Take the card and go on. A pull back is a completely different tactical foul not involving a tackle at all.

And now you are calling it "late." You do not seem to understand the rules. That is obviously not a late challenge. There is no argument for that at all. None. Zip. Zero.

This is a tackle. It's proper form. He didnt win the ball. Foul. Card. End of story.

Clearly we dont agree. You think that proper tackles that are dangerous should be red. I think that improper tackles that are dangerous should be red.