I fear you are the one struggling with comprehension.
by tex29 (2019-01-04 08:09:12)
Edited on 2019-01-04 08:16:01

In reply to: Why is it so difficult to comprehend?  posted by NDMike2001

I never said it should be red. Not once. I said it *could* have been red—just like Kompany’s *could* have been red. I thought *both* tackles were properly yellow.

And you miss the whole point of my argument. The problem with Lovren’s tackle wasn’t his pre-contact form; it was that he slid through someone’s legs with absolutely no intention of getting the ball. It’s one thing to have a potentially dangerous tackle where the intent is to get the ball. It’s a whole different kind of tackle—regardless of the technique used to execute it—when the target is the player rather than the ball.

If you can’t see that—and judging from this conversation, you can’t—then there is nothing left to say. You can have the last word, because we fundamentally have a different view of the rules.