The arms are nearly simultaneous
by wcnitz (2019-01-04 16:30:04)

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Not much difference in slow motion. Guarantee the AR saw it the same way, and Taylor had a dead on look at Sterling's arm as well. What didn't help Sterling either was that he went down a LOT in that game. Way too much.

And for what it's worth, Kompany's tackle will rarely result in a sending off in the PL in a 'big' match. This is pretty much a known thing. Vardy goes in during a meaningless game with two feet, lunging, misses the opposing player entirely and gets sent off without hesitation. That's just how they do it in the PL.

As far as Lovren's tackle goes, it's pretty much a by-the-book yellow card. Either for a reckless or tactical, pick your poison. Big difference between that and Kompany's challenge is a) this wasn't a 90 degree challenge which reduces the possible impact quite a bit b) Lovren kept his leg down and c) the risk to Aguero was nothing close to the risk to Salah. Salah tried to leapfrog Kompany and it kept Kompany from striking a planted foot with his studs. That's a big ow.

When you come from behind to stop an attack like that, you need to make an attempt on the ball. Lovren did, he was just well off and caught the front of the leg. Compare that to, say, the Forsberg tackle on Lahm a couple years back. Similar situation, but Forsberg was completely behind Lahm and stepped right on the achilles of Lahm's trailing leg. Referee didn't even hesitate to send off Forsberg.